Hiring SEO Account Manager - 3 Door Digital

We’re Hiring, Come Join Our Team!

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We’re looking for an SEO Account Manager – Join the crew! 3 Door Digital is the international arm of Angora Media, a well established digital marketing agency based in Ramat Gan, Israel. Our technical expertise, creative flair and exceptional customer service means clients can rest assured that their online investment is in good hands. We work […]

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8 Reasons You Should Get Started with Performance Advertising

Paid Advertising

Online marketing can be done using various channels, such as search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. The channel I’ll discuss in this post is performance-based advertising. Before we begin – what is performance-based advertising, exactly? It’s pretty simple, actually: unlike offline advertising (billboards, etc.) where advertisers can’t receive sufficient data, it’s a […]

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Generate Online Buzz For Your Brand With These 6 Strategies

Marketing Strategy

Buzz is the secret ingredient that improves every marketing campaign; this is especially true in digital marketing, where buzz equals virality. A brand that successfully creates a buzz around its product/service has a significant advantage over its competitors: everyone is talking about it, anticipating its launch, trying to be the first ones to get it (sometimes […]

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8 Common Myths about Digital Marketing – Busted

Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has been around for about two decades. That might sound to you like a lot, but in terms of marketing that’s a pretty short time; especially since most of the significant developments in digital marketing have taken place in recent years, and it’s an ever-growing field. Being an emerging field therefore makes digital […]

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7 Ways to Add Some Color to Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Why did Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter choose the color blue for their logo, while Pinterest chose red? Why does the color of most CTA buttons contrast with their backgrounds? For a long time now it’s been known that color has a strong psychological effect on behavior and decision making. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many advertisers […]

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