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Digital Consultancy Services

Whether you wish to outrank your competition in Google, earn more likes on Facebook or sell more of your products and services, we can help you. Take advantage of our experience of “all things digital” and utilise our wide range of consulting services, designed to help you improve your business:



Rank higher in the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing)

Did you know: those first three results on a Google results page get nearly 60% of all searchers’ clicks? So, if you’re not in the top three you really are missing out on lots of valuable traffic to your website. Let us help you knock the competition out of the water with our range of search optimisation services.

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Get to grips with twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more:

Getting to grips with social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) is really important. Each social network is a forum for you to connect with current customers, attract new customers and generally spread the word about your “brand”. Further, active social accounts can give signals to search engines that shows your site is worthy of ranking higher, so it can help with your visibility in Google too!

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Make the most out of your site traffic and sell more!

Did you know that something as simple as the colour of a button or placement of a photograph could drastically alter how many people buy from your site? It’s true! Let us work our magic and use our expertise to help improve your conversion rates and improve your website’s user experience.

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Learn about your users, analyze behaviour & improve!

Understanding who is visiting your site and learning the steps they took before committing to purchase or deciding to leave is invaluable. We can help you dig this information out of Google Analytics by setting up e-commerce tracking, events and custom segments. We can also compile user analysis reports for you. If you need assistance with analytics, we can most definitely help you!

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Pay Per Click Management:

Get help with Google Adwords & similar pay-per-click schemes.

If you’re new to pay-per-click advertising solutions (such as Google Adwords) it can be a little daunting at first: you want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely and only bidding on the most effective keywords. It can also take up a lot of your time too: not many people have time to test and adjust advert copy. Why not make life easier by hiring us to do it for you?

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