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Gathering data about your users and understanding their behaviour is integral to running a website to its full potential. It can also ensure your marketing spend is bringing a suitable return on investment and answer a number of questions that may be going around in your head, including:

• Is Facebook bringing us any sales?
• How are people using our website?
• Which keywords did people use to find our site?
• Who is visiting our site and which country are they from?
• And plenty, plenty more.

Analytics packages can also answer a number of more advanced questions too -you can pull off reports that give in-depth statistics and valuable insights that will help you improve your business. To do this you need to set up “goals”, “events”, “custom segments” and “e-commerce tracking”, which can be confusing to the layperson! It can also take a lot of time to set the tracking up and get it working in the way you intended. Luckily, we love analytics and we’re on hand to take care of this for you!

Take a read through our analytics services for an idea of how we can help improve your business:


set up (goals, events, custom segments, ecommerce)

We can set your analytics package up, enabling the software to track goals, events and e-commerce as needed. We can get your tracking up and running quickly.

User Analysis Reports:

A key part of growing your business is improving conversions. We can also help you by providing reports containing useful data that will help you make changes that could boost your sales. Data like this can give you an insight into your customers so you can learn how they use your website. Further, this type of data can really help you explore which methods of marketing are working (social, pay-per-click, search, other) and provide an indication to which methods that are bringing in a higher return on investment.

Keyword Research:

Would you like to know how people are finding your website in Google so you can focus on boosting those phrases in your search optimisation campaign? Or, maybe you’d like to cross-reference the products your customers are buying and find out which particular keywords led to those sales? We can help with this kind of analysis! Let us dig into your analytics account and we will provide some insightful keyword data that will help you improve your business.

Diagnostics and ‘filling holes.’

Wonder why orders have suddenly dropped off? Noticed a spike in email addresses collected, but unsure how people found your website? Need help with diagnosing problems or sudden improvements to your business, but not sure where to begin sifting for answers in your analytics software? We can use our knowhow to fill those holes and diagnose problems.

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