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Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you have a website, you must have a goal. Perhaps your goal is to sell products from your online catalogue, gather email addresses for your mailing list, receive leads from contact forms or, perhaps, to make more revenue from adverts? Ultimately, the key to expanding your business is to achieve more of these ‘goals.’

And we can help you do just that …You can hire us to improve your website’s user experience and to boost its conversion rate, which will help your business expand and be more profitable.

We offer a range of services that will help you to convert casual browsers into buyers, or convince people to sign up to your mailing list. Read on to learn more!

Conversion rate optimisation:

Using our knowledge and experience of conversion rate optimisation, we can tweak your current website and perform lots of tests. This might include something as small as changing a button to make its font clearer, or as big as modifying a passage of web copy to reassure the reader (thus helping them make a purchasing decision.)

By testing different versions of the elements we’re changing, we can see which converts more, allowing us to gather important data and tell you what’s really working on your site.

CRO statistics:
Making simple changes and testing can have a dramatic effect on conversions. Here are some statistics, which other businesses have reported:

• Clearly wording a button increased conversions by 105.9%
• Adding product videos increased purchases by 144%
• Rewording forms increased conversions from 25-40%
• Changing a button’s colour boosted sales by 34%
• Simply moving a “buy now” button doubled conversions

Data: Kissmetrics

Focusing on conversion rate optimisation can bring you a great return on investment. Call us today – we’ll get one of our team to look over your site and explain how we can help.

User experience:
It can really pay to focus on the overall experience you are providing the user of your website. Learning what people think of your site, exploring the reasons why they choose (or do not choose) to buy from you and being open to feedback can prove invaluable to you as a business owner.

By concentrating on user experience we can help you understand the factors influencing users’ purchasing decisions and look to improving the site with an aim to boost conversions overall. To help you with your user experience, we could dig into your analytics software, survey your visitors, or as a fresh set of eyes, we could use your system and report back our usability findings.

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