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Next Insurance Case Study

The story started in May 2017 when we first met the head of acquisition at Next Insurance, an ambitious and promising startup company on a mission to change the world of small business insurance. Being a fully online insurance provider, Next Insurance aims to offer US-based small business owners a simple, fast, and affordable insurance solution tailored to their specific needs.

They made an incredible start with raising $29 million to continue building their product, followed by a few more fundraising rounds in Summer 2017 and 2018. Outstanding efforts and exceptional dedication of the Next Insurance team paid off, however, this was only the start of the journey to success.

The Problem:

As bright and exciting as it seems, startup reality is also outrageously demanding. Therefore, as we started and continued working with Next Insurance, we came across significant SEO challenges:

  • Extremely high organic and business competition
  • High goals and expectations within limited timeframes
  • Pressure for fast SEO results
  • Diverse target audience of small business owners and independent contractors from across numerous industries
  • Rapid website growth as the client started expanding their offering at the beginning of 2018

All of the above is hardly compatible with the long-term nature of SEO strategy. Additionally, we also had to face the other side of “startup reality” in that was a new and relatively small website at the point when we started working together.

Challenge accepted!

The Solution:

All of the challenges outlined above tied into being of ultimate importance for detailed planning and execution that allowed us to stay on top of the upcoming changes and lay a stable foundation for any additional sections and pages that were scheduled to go live. We have been working closely with the Next Insurance team to ensure clear priorities and in-depth time planning of each task that could have any impact on the overall SEO performance.

Aside from ensuring optimal technical website performance, we were focusing on in-depth content planning to leverage our semantic search potential and keyword coverage in an attempt to maximize the target audience reach. While working on improving the website authority, preparing for top-level targeting, our main goal was to bring as much purchase intent-oriented traffic and rankings for as many relevant target terms as we possibly could. This was achieved through a number of stages and various content types depending on user awareness:

SEO Stages of Awareness

While working on optimization, we aimed to deliver specific targeting for each page while utilizing our time and resources in the most efficient manner:

Landing Page SEO Optimization

Aside from detailed targeting for each product page, our second main focus was on a content operation which worked as a tool for keyword expansion and overall website growth and authority.

SEO Content Strategy

Our goal was to capture as many supporting keywords, keyword variations, and target terms alternatives as possible to increase the organic traffic as well as establish strong internal linking, strengthening our core product pages. This required exceptional research and planning skills so that we could set the correct priorities depending on the difficulty of each recommended topic in relation to the target page it was designed to support.

So what did we achieve?

Stable traffic growth through 2018 with a natural decrease in December


Organic Traffic Next Insurance

Outstanding growth when comparing January 2018 to the same period in 2019

Next Insurance Organic Comparison

The end result? A 1,000%+ increase in organic traffic and 445%+ increase in revenue equals a very happy client!

Percentage Organic Growth Next Insurance

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