[SEO Case Study] How We Quickly Grew Lending Express’s Traffic from Google by over 100%

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Lending Express Case Study

So, how exactly did we increase Lending Express’s organic traffic by 104% in 8 months?

Lending Express approached us asking for help with their organic market reach and user acquisition.

Their website was brand new and had little to no organic visibility and traffic. The client is a supplier of business loans for small and medium-sized businesses. As such, they were operating in a fiercely competitive niche and were competing against established and powerful domains across the US and Australia.

The Challenge:

When Lending Express first approached us for help with the organic acquisition, they had several marketing goals:

  • Achieve first page rankings for core terms in their industry
  • Attract new customers from multiple countries
  • Increase their organic traffic and lead generation from search engines

Our Solution:

Working cooperatively with Lending Express’s highly talented development and marketing teams we made specific technical improvements and adjustments to their website. We provided a plan to create new organic landing pages to target specific search terms. We also assisted with the production and optimization of high-quality content for their blog. In addition, we obtained external links and exposure from relevant websites and partners.

Lending Express Organic Traffic Increase

Here are some techniques that assisted with the overall success of the campaign: 

  • Site Performance: Crucial to the success of any SEO campaign is having a technically sound website that offers an impeccable user experience. This includes having optimal site speed, a clear site hierarchy, and other technical SEO considerations. Initially, we worked hard to solve these issues and optimize the site’s performance.
    Site Performance Increase for Lending Express
  • Finding the keywords searched by potential customers: When we began working on the site, there were very few pages that provided the information potential customers were searching for. To successfully reach these customers, we researched the related keywords being searched in Google and created new pages with the right content.
  • Optimising for Google: Once the pages were live, we invested considerable effort into maximizing their potential to show up at the top of Google’s search results. This involved changing text on the page, as well as technical changes to the code. We also added content which provided genuine value for users and helped increase visibility in Google for highly valuable keywords with many different variations.
    Impression increase for lending express
  • Content strategy: A core component of our campaign was the site’s blog. Together with Lending Express’s content team, we carefully crafted a long-term content strategy geared towards publishing frequent, high-quality and unique content. These blogs consistently brought an influx of Google traffic and potential new customers to the site.


In the end, we successfully met and exceeded our initial goals. We saw considerable growth in organic traffic, an increase of new users and potential customers, and a marked rise in Google visibility.

Lending Express Increase in Users Lending Express Organic Keyword Growth

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